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Prior to the use of dental implants, patients at Garden State Dental, and in numerous other places, had no other alternatives to replace missing teeth but to use dentures. Since the advent of implants, however, patients have been given the option to replace missing teeth with restorations that mimic the look and feel of natural teeth and that eliminate most restrictions that dentures pose.

Implants are anchored directly onto the patient’s jawbone, directly underlying the location of the missing tooth or teeth, or onto a metal framework attached to the bone and they act as foundations for artificial teeth or for permanent dental bridges. In some cases, dental implants have also been used as attachments for dentures.

In general, patients need to have sufficient bone mass that will be able to support the implant, and a healthy immune system to promote complete fusion between the implant and the surrounding tissue. They would also require great amounts of patience because this procedure will take several visits to complete. During the first session, and anchor will be placed into the jawbone and the site will be allowed to heal for several months. This will give the tissues time to grow around the implant in order to hold it firmly in place. Succeeding visits after this will involve the installation of metal attachments, and then the placement of a natural looking artificial tooth on top of that to essentially take the place of the missing tooth.

The steps involved in the placement of dental implants involves, first, drilling into the patient’s jawbone directly under the space created by the missing teeth so that the dental implant can be inserted into the bone tissue and allowed to heal under the gumline for several months. After complete fusion has been achieved, the dental implants will be uncovered and metal extensions are attached. Replacement teeth will be affixed onto the extensions to fill in the gaps created by the missing tooth or teeth.

Dental implants are used to replace anterior teeth, posterior teeth, a single tooth, or the entire upper or lower arches of a patient’s mouth.

  • Full upper replacements replace all the teeth on the upper jaw, or the upper maxillary arch of the patient.
  • Full lower replacements replace all the teeth on the lower jaw, or the lower mandibular arch of the patient.
  • Anterior replacements replace the incisors and cuspids at the front of the patient’s mouth.
  • Posterior replacements replace the bicuspids and molars or the back teeth.
  • Single tooth replacements are used to replace a single tooth at any location in the patient’s mouth.

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